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WWW as a Rube Goldberg machine

Future Dairy


The name of my project is called Future Diary. According to the project requirements, the user can enter his name and a date in the future to know what he is doing at what time, where and with whom.

I totally used three APIs (Nasa/Cocatail/Pokemon). I used the Nasa database Api for the location, and I used a cocktail Api for what the user is doing, so when the user enters the date and clicks "Next", the Nasa Today image will automatically appear, indicating that the user is enjoying a random cocktail at this place in the nebula. If the user wants to know who they are with, I added a small change where the user has to enter a random number and a Pokemon will pop up. So overall, the user will know where they are and what they are doing by entering their name and date, and they will know which Pokemon they are with by entering their lucky number.

My Github Link:

Creative Tech.jpg



(Gif display+ Coding Screenshot)


The user enters his or her name to arrive at the Future Diary welcome page and clicks "Next" to go to the second page.


The Gif image appears immediately when the user enters the future date, click "Next" to go to the third page.


On the third page, the user clicks "Click" and Nasa Api responds with the picture of the day and Cocktail Api responds with a random drink.


On the fourth page, the user enters his lucky number and Pokemon Api calls the database to display the names of different Pokemon according to their different numbers.

截屏2023-02-23 21.58.56.png
截屏2023-02-23 21.59.07.png
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