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Video Prototype 


Rongda Tao - Storyboard & Actor 

Xiaomeng Wang - Video Editing & Actor

Yanyi Wang -Nattrive & Camera shooting 


Choose either Calliagnosia system (not just the helmet) or MedSystem technologies for a video prototype.

Your video prototype should show how the technology works (especially how they are controlled and what their outputs/effects are).


Cold and darkness fill the room, only a faint light is lit on what looks like an operating table. A young girl with a helmet on her head lay silently on the operating table, no breathing. Suddenly, the helmet light flashed, the girl opened her eyes and sat upright. The girl's eyes look straight ahead, no another action anymore. At that moment, a man in black came in wearing masks towards the girl. The man in black took out his instruments and began scanning the girl's body. He seemed to be looking for cells and muscle tissue in her body that could be activated. When he scanned the girl's elbow parts, the scanner suddenly lit up and made a sound, and the girl's elbow began to move...



Video Process

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