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Creating a self-portrait using the non-human-held cameras. Carefully research how it creates images that is unique from the others - optically, mechanically, chemically, and/or digitally.  Experiment with this tool, focusing on the qualities, glitches, capabilities specifically related to its design. As particular qualities emerge from this research, continue your experimentation to develop your own techniques that reveal or expose (or mis-use, or exploit, or amplify) the inherent nature of your tool. 


Research & Experiments 

In non-human-held cameras experiments and research, my self-portrait is not only the subject of being photographed but also my face and body have established a connection with the surrounding objects and environment.


Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 9.06.21 PM.png

In this version, I used Photoshop to collage the scenes of the previous experiment. I chose my self-portrait in Zoom as a framework and then combined the security camera in a supermarket, the parking space under the drone, and the scene of the car backup camera to express my multiple identities. Under the security camera in the supermarket, I am a shopper. In the Zoom camera, I'm a student. I want to stress my face and body have established a connection with the surrounding objects and environments under the non-human-held cameras. 

Version 2.0

My self-portraits are composed of different non-human handheld cameras. I used Zoom software, drone, car backup camera, security camera day and night mode to shoot from my head to my feet. In my work, I want to emphasize that my portrait is not only the subject but my face and body are also connected to the surrounding objects and environment by the non-human handheld cameras,which show my different identities in different environments.

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