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Projection mapping


This is a group project of Yanyi and Xiaomeng. We used a combination of found objects, simple fabrication, and different materials to create a 3D space. And then we create a particle effects animation with Touch Designer, and other GIF images to do the experiments with creating different spatial experiences using Madmapper.


MadMapper, TouchDesigner, Arduino











​Distance Sensor

​Experiment 1


In Experiment 1, we created a 3D space with a white rubber balloon, which looks like a cloud from a distance. We projected a series of story themes on each balloon: happy little things. From a distance, there is a happy Gif on each balloon. These balloons are like clouds and also like people's thoughts. When people stand under these balloons, they seem to interact with these balloons, which is like people have constant thoughts in their heads. In other words, these balloons are like interesting dreams people have with the MadMapper projection.

​Experiment 2


In Experiment 2, we choose transparent glass material as the projection object. When the fish tank is close to the projection, we cannot see the projected image because the glass material is scattering the light source. But when the fish tank is close to the wall, the projected animation becomes clearer. Water and fish in the fish tank can be seen in the projection. This experiment achieves the combination of physical and virtual images.

​Experiment 3

generative_art_MP4_AdobeExpress.gif copy.gif

In Experiment 3, we combined TouchDesigner's particle effect and distance sensor to achieve the effect that when people approach the famous painting of Skrik, the picture will disperse into particles.


​Experiment 4

In Experiment 4, we used a plastic folded curtain as the object of projection. We found some animations for comparison based on the sequence of curtains. Some animations are monolithic, while others are arranged vertically like curtains. When I twist a rotating wooden rod on the right side of the curtain, the effect of it folding together to the left or right reminds me of an electric billboard.

​Experiment 5

In Experiment 5, we used a white letter board made of wood as the projection object. We used two ways to see different effects. The first one is to project a dynamic image onto five white letters. The second is to find five dynamic images and project them on five letters respectively.

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