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Game Design (Arduino + Processing)


Explore the technical components of a video-based game: the physics and mechanics expressed in code, and the physical-to-digital connection from the game controller to the screen. You will have to consider goals and motivations for the players, the scoring system, the narrative, the art and atmosphere, and the physical aspects of play embodied in the ergonomic concerns. While complex, the result need not be complcated - but fun is mandatory! The outcome of the project will be an original video game and a custom controller for it.

Design​ description 

I'm not a game lover, but I do have an indescribable preference for the Family Computer (Commonly known as the "Red and White Machine"), which was launched in Japan in 1983 because it carries all my childhood memories of games, the kind of warm moments with family, friends or myself relaxing in my free time. I like playing spacecraft games. The game screen is simple and concise. The player controls the spacecraft up and down, left and right movement in the universe, and destroys the enemies at will. In order to recreate the childhood memories, my game design theme also chose a similar shooting game. But I changed the visual presentation, instead of airplanes or cannons, I changed to an animated character chasing butterflies in a scene. My hardware design also uses the traditional red and white machine button function, I hope that we can play the game and immerse in our childhood memories at the same time.

Game mechanics (diagram)

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 11.08.25 AM.png

Design Process


Hardware component:

-Arduino Uno

-Bread Board

-3 Buttons



Test if it works

Software component:

I used Processing to code for the visual presentation of the game. The code is divided into four pages. Three of the pages control a net, a butterfly, and a moving man. The first page controls all the elements, such as a sound when firing the net, the option to reward a net after catching a butterfly, etc.

​Visual Effect Display

Arduino+ Processing+Test

​Gamebox design


​Extended the button






Game box decoration

​Deployment & Play (9).gif (11).gif (10).gif


After players tested my game, the response was good, and they were especially interested in my visual presentation, such as the man with animation effects, and the sound of the launch catch net. But my game design still has a lot of space for improvement. For example, whether the buttons I used can be replaced by other sensors, such as knobs or vibration sensors, which can give players a different interactive experience. My game mechanics can also be improved. For example, when the player successfully captures a butterfly, all the remaining butterflies can be accelerated to increase the difficulty of the game. All of this feedback will help me in my future design.

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