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​Digital Dream Space(Mozilla)


This project we'll begin the exploration of virtual environments. We'll look at how digital spaces can emulate or build upon the physical realm, and we'll take on the spaces that are not possible or not necessary in the material world but present us with some exciting creative possibilities in the digital medium.

Design​ description 

Mozilla is the first 3D software I've used. The experience made me feel both excited and worried. Excited because I could create a virtual space of my own dreams. I was worried because it was my first time using 3D software, and I always lost my vision in the process because of the 3D space. I have made two dream spaces in this project, which I will introduce in turn.

​Cosmic Cat Gallery

I am a fan of cats and starry skies, so I wanted to create an art gallery about the universe and cats together. At the same time, I didn't want my art gallery to just show paintings like the real world, so I found some gifs online and uploaded them to Mozilla. The final result is an art gallery where the image moves on the wall, just like the pictures on the wall in the Harry Potter novels move. I imagine it would be interesting for people to see these moving images in my art gallery.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 6.39.15 PM.png

Room expansion

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 6.54.33 PM.png

​Upload the GIFs

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 6.55.06 PM.png

In order to make visitors have a better experience, I put some plants and sofa in my gallery so that the visitors can feel warm and relaxed visually. In addition, I added doors between each room so that they can walk to other rooms.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 7.00.39 PM.png

I added a suspended book in the corner. Added a hovering cat in another room. I want these components to make my gallery more interesting and magical. You can go into my dream space through the video below

​Check the link to come into my gallery:

​Underwater Island

Compared with the first dream space, this dream space is more fantastic because it is far beyond reality. It is in the underwater world. I call it an "underwater island". I set the whole environment at the bottom of the sea, the visitors will enter my space through a door. Near the door, there is a tree and a boat, and not far away there is a small island. This place allows people to imagine that they can take a boat to the island. During the boat ride, visitors pass among three whales, which float up and down. If you move the mouse up, you will see a school of fish near the surface surrounding a swimming diver. I hope this dream space can heal the people watching. (9).gif

It looks like a water cube, and the viewers enter through this door and arrive at the "underwater island". (10).gif

Standing under the water you can see an island in the distance, think about taking this boat can go to the opposite island. (11) copy.gif

You can also swim overhead and feel surrounded by schools of fish. Looking down you can see the island and the swimming whales.

​Check the link to enjoy the underwater island:

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