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​Gradlab Orange group final work 

                   Group project by

Arianna Borgeson, Eric Schubert, Enzo Li,      Miaoqiong Huang, Yiran Mao, Yanyi Wang

(Click the image to see the introduction of the Modulo City)

Create a city 

Your city will be a creative and radical abstraction, a speculative imagining where certain conditions or situations are reinterpreted and amplified. Crucially, rather than taking a top-down approach to designing your city, you will create it from the inside out. You will let its form emerge through the act of combining custom parts which you will formulate. Consider your city as a condition which spreads out in all directions, an immersive environment without beginning or end. Your custom kit of design elements – the building blocks of your city – will emerge from your group's shared and individual investigations, interests, subjective experiences. Your city will ultimately take the form of a composite multimedia drawing, which you will collectively engineer, annotate, and imagine inhabiting. 

Design Process 

Week 1

- Get out into the city – both literally (physically) and virtually – and creatively document your encounters. Undertake three inspiration excursions, ideally one of which is IRL/physical.

Week 2

- Choose three specific interest areas derived from their research excursions, and for each develop a catalog or kit of speculative design actors or elements, which expand on this interest. 

Week 3

- Create three constrasting 'imaginary city' drawings which utilize the kits/collections generated in week 2. Each drawing should be a representation of an "idea world", an entire world where everything in it, and everything that happens in it, relates to one idea. 

Week 4

- Expand the depth, scale, scope and canvas size of your chosen drawing. Imagine that your drawing will be printed big – taking up the size of a wall. Your drawing should not represent a single scene, it should be an abstract spatial plan, and evoke ideas about how the urban fabric is organized. 

未命名作品 4.jpg

(Combine the food delivery sharing, companion sharing, and space sharing together)

Week 5

- ​Work as a group. Create a composite city. Bring that city to life by taking us on a tour of some of the goings-on in your city. 

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