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Hyper Psycho Geo

Pick a subject that you have direct personal experience with, or a subject that you know a lot about, or possibly a subject that you are just curious about.  Consider the aspects of your subject that are necessary to communicate the information to you.  Create a map of this subject. Remember: a map only shows what is necessary to communicate certain information, 


My design inspiration comes from spam calls in September. I just arrived in the United States at the end of August . I received the spam call only two minutes after I got the US phone number, which is completely different from China. Although there are spam calls in China, they are not so frequent. I was curious why someone would know the new phone number when I got it, so I summarized the region and time of the spam call I received in September.

Dev map.jpg




Final Version 


For my final version, I started from a vibrating phone, which represents I got a lot of spam calls throughout the day. According to my first version map, I draw the different shapes of states representing the regions I received the spam calls in September. The number of layers stands for the total number the states gave me the spam calls. At the bottom of the image, I drew the contents of the spam calls. To add a stronger visual effect, I added some flies as a metaphor for Spam calls, symbolizing that these calls affect my life like flies every day.

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