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Project duration: 11.2022-12.2022

Instructor: Sean Donahue


This module focuses on “making” as a site of interrogation. The way materials are manifested, form is given/shaped, tools are created and the technologies of production are used and maintained— these are spaces embedded with politics, power, exhaustion, and joy. This module uses this context as the space to question the platforms we are using to engage with and receive the worlds around us. 


The area of making I discussed was about making physical interactive devices. my topic was about discussing the problems encountered in the making process. Since every piece of work looks perfect when it is exhibited, but there are many problems and stories behind the making, I was curious about the stories behind the physical interactive device, the things we don't see outside the work. So I interviewed two students in the MDP studio about their work and the problems they encountered in making it and shared their thoughts. I edited the video to show their environment and content in the making. By adding English subtitles, my audience could understand the problems they encountered in the making process and feel more about the feelings behind each work-making process.

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